DGH is proud to be part of the People's Health Movement.


People's Health Charter (PDF)

The People's Health Movement (PHM) has its roots deep in the grassroots people's movement and owes its genesis to many health networks and activists who have been concerned by the growing inequities in health over the last 25 years. The PHM calls for a revitalisation of the principles of the Alma-Ata Declaration (PDF) which promised Health for All by the year 2000 and complete revision of international and domestic policy that has shown to impact negatively on health status and systems.


See videos from People's Health Assesmbly 3:




DGH is proud to partner with Psicologi per i Populi (Psychologists for the People).


The Italian NGO Psicologi per i Populi (Psychologists for the People) is currently working with DGH on a five-year project Bienestar en El Salvador (Well-Being in El Salvador) to promote mental health in the rural town of Santa Marta in El Salvador.


Psicologi per i Populi is a volunteer professional organization founded in 1999 in Bolzano, Italy, by a group of psychologists sharing a direct experience in the support of populations involved in former Yugoslavia and Rwanda conflicts and genocides. Psicologi per i Populi interventions include emotional support for individuals and groups; helper's support, training and empowering; and disseminating community empowering strategies. Its adopted philosophy is holistic, directed to favor integrated efforts among the helpers.


Psicologi per i Populi has collaborated with several ONGs like Caritas Italiana and CUAM. They have been involved in giving psychosocial support to populations affected by the floods in Northern Italy floods and by the Molise earthquake. They have also regularly been involved in local and daily emergencies as well as in prevention programs. Their mission involves three areas: national emergencies, where they help victims and rescue workers to meet emotional needs; international emergencies; and human rights initiatives. The latter is where their work with DGH falls.