International Volunteer Committee


The International Volunteer Committee consists of individuals interested in facilitating placement of volunteers in the host communities with which DGH works.


We meet for a one-hour conference call 10 times a year; generally on Sunday evenings at 9PM EST. Requirements for being a DGH-IVC member are the following:


  • Be a DGH Member
  • Attend a General Assembly
  • Volunteer in a DGH past or present site
  • Attend Committee calls at least 6 times a year
  • Interview potential applicants, as needed
  • Be willing to work on relevant documents as needed


DGH is active in the following communities as of the writing of this document.

  • Estancia, El Salvador
  • Santa Marta, El Salvador
  • Chiapas, Mexico
  • Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Kisoro, Uganda


Individuals who are willing to adhere to DGH Principles of Action can apply to DGH to volunteer via the website or contact the committee members at


When an application is submitted, Committee members review the information, discuss the applicant at monthly meetings and approve, disapprove or approve with qualifications (e.g. language, time commitment changes, etc.), communicate with Site Coordinators of the various sites, and send a full acceptance packet, which includes pre-volunteering information. Site Coordinators communicate with the host communities to make arrangements and serve as liaisons between the volunteers and the host communities. Volunteers are required to become DGH members, have appropriate health and evacuation insurance and sign a legal waiver.


If you are interested in being part of the DGH International Volunteer Committee, please contact the IVC Coordinator.