DGH Principles of Action


DGH affirms that every human being regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, culture, age or other attribute, has the right to a life of dignity, equal treatment and social justice.


1. DGH works with those who are among the most poor, the most vulnerable and the stigmatized of the world's population, amplifying their voices that they be heard.


2. DGH's approach is to accompany communities with small, community-oriented health initiatives that also promote human rights, encourage sustainability, and respect environmental concerns.


3. DGH aspires to set an example for how medicine should be practiced by promoting Liberation Medicine : "The conscious, conscientious use of health to promote human dignity and social justice." DGH promotes health equity as more basic and fundamental than private, corporate interests. Its mandate is to strive for the optimal health and well-being of all members of the human race regardless of ethnicity, sex, sexual preference, or religion.


4. DGH is committed to advocacy and working for social justice both locally and globally. It encourages its members to take action in their own communities and participate in the accompaniment of communities around the world.


5. DGH pledges to be active in the struggle to expose and confront the pervasive and destructive nature of racism and classism (personal and institutionalized, conscious or unconscious) and all other forms of discrimination, both within DGH and in the world at large.


6. DGH is a volunteer organization that invites and encourages those with a desire to help humanity by providing them with a vehicle to use their unique talents and skills in support of the DGH mission. Special efforts are made to reach out to youth, students of all ages, and people with the wisdom of experience.


7. DGH respects and invites those of all backgrounds and beliefs who agree with its mission and principles to join; proselytizing is contrary to the mission and principles.


8. DGH integrates artistic expression that promotes healing and celebrates all life into its activities. These expressions include literature, music, drama, painting, drawing, sculpture, and other art forms.


9. DGH is vigilant to ensure that its projects, programs, affiliations, and fund raising efforts don't involve even subtle compromise of its values.


10. DGH participates only in investigations, publications, and/or research initiatives that are important to the work of DGH, ethically sound, of benefit to the involved communities, and compatible with DGH's mission. Both the involved local communities and the Board must approve these efforts.


Read how DGH puts these principles into action in the Doctors for Global Health 1995-2005 Retrospective (2MB PDF file).