Abriendo Brecha: The Santa Marta Youth Newsletter



Since 2004, the youth of Santa Marta, our partner community in rural El Salvador, have come together to produce the vibrant and inspiring Abriendo Brecha magazine. Abriendo Brecha or 'Opening the Gap', was first created by the youth association Rebelión of Santa Marta in an attempt to bridge the economic and social gap that separates their rural society from that of the Salvadoran elite.


Many of those working on the magazine are students at University in San Salvador, who put the magazine together with their own articles, photos, and artwork.  Abriendo Brecha is a tribute to the community's past as well as a look towards their future. In it, they remind their community of its history and the struggles that they and their parents have faced.  Yet they also propose ways of moving forward, analyzing with incredible insight the current political climate in the country and the issues affecting their community, such as metal mining and political violence.


Today, Abriendo Brecha is fast becoming a recognized community publication, representing an example of the new resistance among a young generation that seeks to open up a new path of change.


We would like to share with you the 45th edition of Abriendo Brecha, which includes a special tribute to the community on the 24th anniversary of their return from exile in Honduras during the civil war in El Salvador:

Abriendo Brecha Nº 45.pdf

Abriendo Brecha Nº 45_Especial-1.pdf


And the 25th Anniversary issue in Spanish (PDF).


If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter or send any comments or feedback to the Rebelión editors, please send an email to abriendo.brecha.sm@gmail.com.


Check back on this page to view the latest issues of Abriendo Brecha.


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