Graduation of the First Class of Village Health Workers in Uganda


On January 12 I had the privilege of helping hand diplomas to 20 Village Health Workers in Kisoro, Uganda.  This has been a 5-year process for them as the course was developed in collaboration between DGH and Kisoro District Hospital.  The VHWs have studied, taken tests and been certified in 5 domains of community health: Child mortality and wellness, women’s health, environmental health and sanitation, chronic illness,  and acute illness.


We also presented 3 VHWs with their “doctor bags” (17 already have them) which they can receive after learning to use the basic medications and first aid supplies in them.


DGH student volunteers Jana Jarolimova and Jeremy Mudd have worked hard on many aspects of organization of the VHW program and did much of the planning for the ceremony. Former volunteer Morgen Yao-Cohen who has returned to work on evaluation of the VHW training was also present.


Dr. Michael Baganizi, the director of KDH and Sam Musominali, the supervisor of the VHW program spoke at the ceremony.


Dr. Jerry Paccione of Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx has been the coordinator of the DGH project in Uganda since the beginning of DGH’s work in Uganda.  He will be returning to Kisoro in March.


Linnea Capps


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