Blogging from the DGH General Assembly in Boston - Welcome!


Live from the 17th Annual

Doctors for Global Health General Assembly


August 10-12, Simmons College, Boston


Challenging Scarcity:
Health Justice for All








Friday August 10, 2012


  • Site Visit & Dinner: Alternatives for Community & Environment and Haley House; and welcome dinner.



Saturday August 11, 2012


DGH attendies have filtered in after enjoying breakfast on the building's terrace on this finally-a-bit-more-cool Boston morning at Simmons College. 



Linnea Capps, current President of DGH, welcomed the group. She recalled meeting Lanny Smith, founder of the organization, 20 years ago in El Salvador. The group began then, accompanying the community of Estancia in Morazan and trying to carry forth the concepts of liberation medicine. Since then, the organization has grown, having worked in 10 countries, going where we're invited and forming a long-term relationship with a community to help people arrive at their own solutions to their obstacles to achieving health and justice. We make long-term commitments that always include education and require patience. 


Linnea closed by quoting Sub-comandante Marcos: "Struggle is like a circle. You can start at any point, but it never ends."


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  • Keynote Address: Addressing Psychosocial Effects of Human Rights Violations: Feminist Participatory Action Research and the Creative Arts in the US and Guatemala. Brinton Lykes, Community Psychologist, Co-Director of BC Center for Human Rights and International Justice.


  • Panel: Dealing with the Whole Person: A Community Centered Approach. Facilitator: Isabel Quintero, Physiotherapist, Madrid, Spain. Participants: Ester Chicco, Psychologists for the People, Italy; Ana Beltran, Health Promoter, El Salvador; Juan Manuel Canales, Physician, Chiapas, Mexico; Irma Cruz, Physician, Cepafos, Tehuantepec, Mexico; Jared Kant, Boston Liberation Health group.



  • Panel: Addressing Social Determinants of Health from a Grassroots perspective. Facilitator: Denise Zwahlen, PA, Dorchester People for Peace. Participants: Jim Brooks, City Life Vida Urbana; Madeleine Scammell, Chelsea Collaborative; Enid Eckstein, SEIU 1199; Suezanne Bruce, Boston Workers Alliance; A representative from Centro Presente





Sunday August 12, 2012


  • Keynote Address: Tackling US Health Disparities: The Role of CHW Accompagnateurs. Heidi Behforouz, Physician, Director of PACT (Prevention and Access to Care and Treatment), Partners in Health.


  • Panel: Alternative Approaches to Health Care Delivery. Facilitator: Jennifer Kasper, Pediatrician, DGH Board. Participants: Juan Carlos Martinez, Graduate of Latin American Medical School, Cuba, current Director of CAIPES Clinic, Estancia, El Salvador; Erica Guimaraes, Program Coordinator and Team Leader, TopCare Cancer Screening Navigation, MGH Chelsea Health Care Center; Matt Anderson, Physician, Montefiore Hospital, NY, Occupy Wall Street and Health Care for the 99%.


  • Panel: Using Art for Social Change. Facilitator: Emily Bhargava, Community Health Specialist. Participants: Antonio Ennis, Musician/Rap Artist, CLVU; Mario Quiroz, Photographer, MIRA; A representative from HONK! Festival; Joanna Marinova, PressPassTV, Violence Transformed; Trina Jackson, Organizer on Issues of Social Justice, Anti-Oppression and Reproductive Justice for Women.



  • Closing Remarks.


  • Board of Directors Meeting. With participation of DGH partner community representatives. Open to all.


See the Full Conference Agenda! (PDF)
















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