Please Support Oaxaca Earthquake Relief Efforts

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017


On September 8th, 2017, an 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck southern Mexico, killing 90 people and leveling many homes and buildings in the area of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, where Doctors for Global Health has worked in partnership with local groups for over 8 years.  At this time, there is an urgent need for basic supplies such as clean water, food, first aid, and transportation and a longer term need to rebuild homes and communities.  Your assistance will help with the pressing needs of people in Oaxaca displaced by the earthquake. Please donate here.  Thank you for your support!!


So far, DGH outreach efforts have raised over $2000 to assist with relief efforts in the area.  THANK YOU to all who made these donations possible.




- Dr. Irma Cruz Nava, Comunidades Campesinas en Camino

"In view of the emergency situation that is being experienced in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Comunidades Campesinas en Camino (CCC) joins the call of the people who have been affected.


On September 7, 2017 at 11:50pm a strong earthquake of magnitude 8.2 hit the area, which had a devastating effect throughout the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, especially the communities along the Pacific Coast. Some of the most affected are Ixhuatán, Ixtaltepec, Yerba Santa, Juchitán, San Mateo del Mar, and the vast majority of villages in the region have suffered damage. There are people who lost everything; some have even lost family members.  Others will have to completely rebuild their homes due to serious damage.  Almost all of the population continue to sleep in their yards or in shelters improvised by local authorities for fear of aftershocks. In Juchitán the hospital was nearly destroyed, the Municipal Palace collapsed, and many of the houses were damaged. In the areas further away from cities, there remains critical shortages of food and water.

In some of the communities where CCC works, there has been damage to the the roads, leaving people isolated and hard to reach, such as those in the Sierra Chontal region, including Santa Lucía Mecaltepec and its surroundings.  In the East, many communities suffered landslides.  Now, with the onset of rain, people are seeking shelters with the support of municipal authorities.

The needs of the population at this time are non-perishable food, maize (as the basic food of most people in the region), medicines (mainly antibiotics and painkillers, among others) and support for the reconstruction of their homes, as well as emotional and social support that is always necessary in these situations.


This week, Dr. Irma Cruz Nava traveled with volunteer nurse Alysse Reams and DGH board member Dr. Anna Landau and Comunidades Campesinas en Camino (CCC) to the coastal area of San Mateo del Mar to address both immediate and long term needs of the region which was hit hard by the earthquake. Almost all the homes have been affected in one way or another, and most do not have functional bathrooms. There is no reliable water system in the area, and due to limited sanitation and contaminated water supplies, populations are experiencing outbreaks of hepatitis and infectious diarrhea.
Currently, CCC is working to help address the following:

  • Safe, reliable water supply system to help prevent spread of infection
  • Needs assessment of neighborhoods and communities that still lack services
  • Outreach to sister organizations to coordinate efforts
  • Control of mosquito epidemic during the rainy season


Damage to homes in the village of Ixtaltepec

The CCC has been providing support in the most hard-hit areas: In the East, our community health workers (promotoras) are accompanying and helping in basic first aid and assessment of damage; in San José the companeros are supporting in the transfer of provisions to the affected places; in Salina Cruz together with the community we are bringing food and supplies to the indigenous fishing village of San Mateo del Mar; in the other communities we are gathering information about their situation. We appreciate all kinds of economic, material or human help during these difficult times for our people."


Please donate online or you can mail a check to the following address:  Doctors for Global Health, PO Box 1761, Decatur, GA 30031, USA.


The CCC team, including our volunteer nurse Alysse Reams and Dr. Irma Cruz Nava have been visiting San Mateo del Mar and the surrounding communities to determine the greatest needs.


Thank you!