Showcasing "Think Global, Act Local," Winner of the First DGH Video Contest

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Doctors for Global Health video contest. With over four hundred votes for his video "Think Global, Act Local," Jacob Blickenstaff has secured first place in our online competition. As the winner, Jacob will be granted the opportunity to travel to one of our sites accompanied by a board member and participate in a video project of DGH's work in the field.


Watch the winning video:



Read on for a brief explanation of this video project.


1. Brief summary of the film:

"Think Global, Act Local" is a statement about the mindset of global and cultural awareness that each medical professional should have in their approach to health care. There will always be global and local opportunities to advocate for the underrepresented populations in health care, and it is our responsibility as health care providers to fight for equal and adequate care for all."


2. Where was the video shot?

The video was shot in 3 parts. The first part was filmed at our student-run free medical clinic in Valle Redondo, Mexico. Our medical school goes down one Saturday a month to provide health care to those living in the more rural parts of Mexico. We are a chapter of the Flying Samaritans organization, which operates free clinics all through Mexico. The second part was filmed on UC Irvine SOM campus with the help of my lovely friend Tonie. The third part was filmed on site in Ayacucho, Peru, where four of my classmates and I went this summer on a medical mission. The mission is called the Ayacucho Mission and was organized by the Peruvian American Medical Society.


3. What were your sources of inspiration?

My inspiration came largely just from the experiences I have been fortunate enough to participate in since beginning medical school at UC Irvine. There are many outreach clinics here that serve the homeless, the uninsured, and various ethnic populations that have broadened my understanding of disparities in health care. I also have incredible friends and classmates who support my wild inclinations, and they have been along with me in Mexico and Peru and encouraged me to pursue making a video that documents our experiences, so I owe a large part of this video, and the ideas it presents, to my friends.


Jacob Blickenstaff grew up in Camarillo, CA, as one of six children in a very busy home. Jacob decided to study medicine following the example of his father, a physician. After completing his bachelor's degree at Brigham Young University, he was accepted into UC Irvine's School of Medicine. Jacob is currently living in Irvine, CA, in his second year of medical studies. 













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