Solidarity with Charlottesville, VA Against Racism and White Supremacy


Doctors for Global Health stands in solidarity with the people of Charlottesville, VA. We condemn the actions of the White supremacists and neo-nazis who gathered and violently attacked peaceful protesters in the name of racism. We believe that white supremacy and racist violence contradict our collective vision of a just, safe and healthy world. 

We believe it is part of our responsibility, as physicians, public health professionals, artists, teachers, social workers (etc.) committed to health justice to to take an active role in dismantling white supremacy and racism. 

Thank you to our friends over at Public Health Awakened & Human Impact Partners (HIP) who have suggested several actions each of us can take:

Attend a rally, protest or vigil in your area. Search social media for events or check here to see if there is an event near you.

Link here:…/stand-in-solidari…/search/

Donate to groups in Charlottesville that are organizing on the ground and supporting people who were injured this weekend.

Link here:

Sign Color of Change’s petition to remove all confederate symbols across the country.

Link here:…/remove-all-confederate-sy…/…

Check out this crowd-sourced resource of other actions to take.

Link here:…/18vLrCHxhng7WmPEH9Y8GpknE…/preview

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